Webapp that enables users to view the key and tempo of songs in their spotify library. Users can select songs based on key and tempo and export their selections to their spotify account as playlists. Frontend is built with react/redux, and the backend is built with express. The backend consumes the spotify api on the user's behalf using oauth. View the source code here

Guitar Fretboard Webapp

Webapp that visualizes a guitar fretboard with notes and allows the user to select the key and scale. I built this to help teach myself guitar theory. It’s written in pure javascript and the rendering is done using css only. View the source code here

Graduate Profiles Prototype

I created this project while I was a TA at the DigitalCrafts coding bootcamp. Its a prototype portal where potential employers could view graduate profiles. Created with react/redux on the front end and node/express on the backend. View the source code here

Snake Clone

Snake clone written in React, uses Redux to handle higher level state. The live app is being hosted on heroku so it may take a moment to open. View the source code here

Personal Site

I decided to write this website using html/css/jquery since it's a simple static page. View the source code here